Weekly Classes

To reserve your spot now…call Tresa Honaker at 530-277-4489 

Silks/Ropes/Hoops/Trapeze/*Low Flying Straps

with Joe Simms & Marni Marshall & Sophie Wingerd

This is a class that welcomes ALL levels and ages! 2 veteran teachers and one assistant each and every week will ensure that students are able to learn and explore aerial silk, aerial rope, aerial hoop and static trapeze  all within one class time.

It’s a super popular class for all levels and all ages!

Monday 7:30-8:30 PM Gold Country Gymnastics

Tumbling/Trampoline~with Shelly and Joe

Shelly was an elite level competitive gymnast and coach. She has a vast knowledge and welcomes adults and “big kids” to come and find your acrobatic-self… even if you have never done gymnastics before. Joe… well Joe is FUN! Bouce, bounce, bounce!! Trampoline teaches you so much about your body and what a great aerobic workout this is! Simple jumping or fancy flips. This is a class for all levels and geared towards “big kids” or adults and these 2 together are THE BEST!

This class is a great compliment to our Dry Land/Sports Training  or as a warm-up to our Adult/Teen Aerial Silks class!!!

Tuesday 6:30-7:30 PM Gold Country Gymnastics

Adult/Teen Aerial Silks~with Joe Simms

This is our most popular class of the week! Joe has a way of making your learning experience THE BEST~

Tuesday 7:30-8:45 PM Gold Country Gymnastics

GCG Klimbing Kids~with Joe, Sophie and Julie

A great class for 18 mo-6 year olds where we combine FUN gymnastics skills with modified basics on Aerial Silks. GCG’s coach Julie and AirAligned’s Joe Simms or Sophie Wingerd  join forces to create an amazing foundational class. 3 year olds and under should plan to have an adult “buddy” during this class. We divide the group into 2 smaller groups after our short warm, then rotate the groups after 25 minutes. Closing the class as one large group. Gymnastics and Aerial together keeps these little ones engaged!

Wednesday 10:00-11:00 AM Gold Country Gymnastics

Call for more information or if you have questions.

To register contact:  Gold Country Gymnastics 


Itm/Adv Aerial Rehearsal~with Tresa Honaker

This is a rehearsal time for AirAligned aerial dance group and student performers hosted by The Center for the Arts on their Main Stage. Weekly classes held in a professional theater setting are an incredible asset for those students focused on performance. Contact Tresa if you feel you are ready to join.

 The Center for the Arts

*Director Approval/Rotating Days and Times

 Beginning Silks~with Joe Simms and Elana Hierman

A true beginning Silks class for children under 13. We keep it fun while establishing the best foundation for your child!

Thursday 7-8 PM Gold Country Gymnastics

 Dry Land/Sports Training~ with Shelly Dancliff Jones

This class utilizes Trampoline/Tumbling/Bungee and Foam Pit to deliver an amazing training class for athletes “off season” or those needing extra conditioning.

Thursday 6:30-7:30 PM Gold Country Gymnastics

Upper Body Conditioning~with Joe Simms

A great work out for EVERYONE! No aerial experience necessary.

Thursday 8-8:45 PM Gold Country Gymnastic



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