Shelly Dancliff Jones

Shelly was locally trained in Grass Valley, CA from 1989 until 1994 when her expanded desire for more lead her to Sacramento CA to train with Emilia Eberles and former coach Geza Pozsar of Romania.

Shelly was trained by former Olympian and World Champion Gymnasts Stoyan Deltchev of Bulgaria, and Emilia Eberle of Romania (coached by Bella and Martha Karolyi). They came to the USA not knowing any English in 1990 and began coaching Shelly as part of a young aspiring group of gymnasts.

Shelly was coached to the elite level in gymnastics and attributes it solely to her coaches inner drive and passion of the sport. She sometimes had two practices daily and went to high school in between sessions. (Geza Pozsar was Co-coach with Bella Karolyi in Romania and famous for his past choreography for the US Olympic teams in the late 80’s and 90’s.) After nine years of highly competitive gymnastics Shelly dislocated her shoulder and despite major shoulder surgery and intense therapies her injury ultimately ended her competitive gymnastics career.

Shelly was later able to switch gears and turn her love to springboard diving, where she quickly became a Junior College All American Diver.

Shelly has been part of all of the gymnastics clubs locally for the last 20 years and spent many years as head women’s gymnastics coach at Rising Stars Gymnastics, Stellar Gymnastics, and Gold Country Gymnastics. She is currently the head diving coach for the Nevada Union High School Dive Team, and spreads her time between local gyms, clubs and studios. She works with many adults, children and athletes of the community. Shelly attributes her amazing ability to coach to her elite European style of intense training she had in her youth.