Student Showcases


Our Student Showcases are held twice a year on

The Center for the Arts Main Stage.

Students are encouraged to take part in this wonderful event either on stage or as a supportive audience member! This is a time for students to choose their own music, costumes and to invite family and friends.  The Center’s main stage is a beautiful theater with professional lighting and sound. Admission is $5 which includes food and drink and each performing student is awarded 2 FREE passes to give to family or friends.

Caleb’s Creamery out of Penn Valley caters all of our Showcases. Caleb’s wonderful baked goodies and organic coffee are the best!

Next Student Showcase

Spring 2018

May 6th 1 PM


Refreshments and FUN!

*All AirAligned Students will have the opportunity to perform every 6 months.




900 Golden Gate Terrace Suite E

Grass Valley California 95945