Professional Training

Our advanced program aims to train professional performance artists. Supporting students with the resources to audition and move forward in a career within the world of aerial dance and circus arts. Those studying with AirAligned are able to create individual performance pieces as well as actively participate in the creative process of full length productions and are given the resources to effectively manage a career as a professional performance artist.

AirAligned Director Tresa Honaker, Co-Director Joe Simms and Sophie Wingerd are also actively partnering with Universities from east to west coast within campus Dance Departments introducing aerial dance as part of their ongoing curriculum. Adding the element of aerial dance to a dancers resume’ can only benefit the amount and length a dancer will work as well as greatly increasing the pay scale through AFTRA and SAG

 For more information on our advanced training programs

please contact Artistic Director Tresa Honaker


‘TedX Sacramento”


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1108 R Street #209

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